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25. Listing of Books for Sale

24. Jim Fry's Newsday Article

23. Jim Fry's Bronze Medal

22. Wind Chimes By Ava Grego

21. Cornell Cooperative Extension has a host of articles online covering a wide array of subjects. Check out their Tree and Shrub Maintenance site.

20. How to Plant Trees and Shrubs and the one on After-Care of Container Grown Plants are particularly relevant to Rhododendrons. (PDF)

19. In Search of Wild Azaleas in North Carolina by Werner Brach

18. Rhododendron Books of Merit Compiled by Rosemarie Papayanopulos (PDF 60K)

17. All Hail the King of Shrubs by Irene Virag

16. Planting on a Steep Bank by Jim Fry

15. Some Thoughts on Planting Elepidotes in Sunny Locations by Marianne and Bruce Feller

14. Mechanics of Basic Hybridizing by Al Muller

13. Rhododendron Fortunei and Its Children by Dr. Philip Waldman

12. A Brief Study of Seedling Growth by Al Muller

11. Lepidotes, the Little Gems in the Rhododendron Garden by Frank Arsen

10. New York Chapter Favorites by Jim Fry

9. The Art of Pruning by Al Muller

8. A Brief Look Back on Fifty Years of the New York Chapter by Jim Fry

7. Perlite vs. Vermiculite by Jim Fry

6. Growing Rhododendron Seedlings by George Woodard

5. Werner Brack's Potting Mix by Jim Fry

4. The Long Island "Johnny Appleseed" of Robin Hill by Jim Fry

3. Variegated Rhododendrons and Azaleas by Dr. Philip Waldman

2. What's Bugging You? by Bud Gehnrich

1. Mondays by Jim Fry