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Bronze Medal Awarded to:  Jim Fry

The New York Chapter is pleased to award the Bronze Medal of the American Rhododendron Society to Jim Fry in recognition of his tireless efforts in support of various critical chapter activities and his leadership as chapter president. During a challenging term of office, he worked diligently to assure that all chapter members could enjoy the broad range of benefits accruing to membership in the ARS. He has continued to play a major role in chapter plant sales and compiled an informative and entertaining newsletter for many years. In addition, Jim always makes himself available to help out, whether the occasion is a Flower Show, Propagation Workshop, Summer Social or other events. On behalf of the Chapter we would like to thank you for being such an active and valuable asset to our membership for the last ten years of participation and endless enthusiasm that encourages others to grow these marvelous plants.

Jim resides with his wife in their home in Northport which is shaded with multiple large oak trees and sloping terrains that creates a habitat for his increasing addiction with growing, hybridizing and raising a multitude of various varieties of azaleas and rhododendrons.

Jim is an excellent metalworker and considers himself to be a junk sculptor. As a hobby Jim creates structures from old cast-off junk that he welds and paints making insects larger than life, airplanes, pigs, unusual curiosities and other garden art sculptures. He has donated many of his projects for Best in Show Awards at various Chapter flower shows as well as Convention auctions. His art can be viewed and purchased at request through his website .

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by Cathy Bird   June 2006