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Happy and Healthy New Year!


Membership Meeting – January 7th, 2018 – Sunday – 2:00 PM

Main Greenhouse Classroom

Planting Fields Arboretum

Jim Fry

“Gardening- A love/hate relationship”

Jim has been a member of the Rhododendron Society since 1995 and has held many positions in the chapter.  President (3 terms), Newsletter Editor, Plant Sale Chairman, and website editor to name a few.  During his working life he released his frustrations by gardening.  During that time, he has realized that gardening wasn’t all peaches and cream and was just as frustrating as his occupation.  Some things he has really come to hate.  Why does he still do it?  Come to the meeting and find out in his humorous take on gardening.


Refreshments for this meeting A-E

It would be greatly appreciated if members with last names beginning with the above letters provide the refreshments for this meeting.

President’s Message

The Winter Holiday Social on December 3rd turned out to be a great success.  Good and plentiful food as well as warm and friendly camaraderie made for a very pleasurable gathering.  Many thanks to Betty Schmale, Ruth Gehnrich, and all the volunteer women (a few men, too!) who organized the event.


After some discussion, it was tentatively decided that we would eliminate the November meeting with its speaker and replace it in future years with an early December Social.  It was also decided to eliminate the March luncheon and have an expanded social event in conjunction with the Early Flower Show. 


It would be remiss of me to not mention that one of our members, Ruth Gehnrich, is having some difficulty in getting around.  We hope that she makes a speedy recovery.


New Members

Gail & Michael Jordan of Amagansett are new members to the chapter.  In an email he promised to attend the January meeting.  I hope all of you will welcome them.


Winter Meetings

The threat of snow sometimes results in a meeting being cancelled.  Please be aware that, while I don’t like to cancel meetings, I would rather err on the side of safety to our members.  Those with e-mail will receive a message regarding a cancellation the morning of the scheduled date at the latest.  If you are in doubt, please give me a call at 631-495-6531.



So, you can plan your calendars around our meetings, I’ve listed the upcoming meetings and their speakers:


Jan. 7, Sunday, 2PM, Speaker: Jim Fry

Feb. 11, Sunday, 2PM, Speaker: Dick Murcott



Join the NY Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society:  Become a member of the ARS. On a piece of paper put your name, address with zip code, phone number, e-mail if you have it, and name of spouse. Send it with a check for $40 made out to ARS-NY Chapter to Marianne Feller, 88 Old Field Road, Old Field, NY 11733-1646