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Membership Meeting – November 19, 2017 – Sunday – 2:00 PM

Main Greenhouse Classroom

Planting Fields Arboretum

Kevin Wiecks

“Randall’s Island – Transformation of a New York City Park”


Mr. Wiecks has been the Senior Gardener for the Randall’s Island Park Alliance for the past four years.  Kevin supervises horticultural operations throughout the Island and is personally responsible for the management of the Water’s Edge Garden.  This garden, stretching along the Harlem River, consists of a 3/4-mile perennial border.  Under his management for the last four years this landscape has evolved through Mr. Wiecks’ ideas and vision.  Kevin has worked as a Horticulturist at the Cloisters and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as Managing Horticulturist at Longhouse Reserve.  He has recently become an ISA certified arborist and is in the process of creating a tree management plan which will include a GIS tree inventory of all of Randall’s Island.


Mr. Wiecks will speak about the Island’s past and future, the evolution of its landscape, the important role it plays in the communities it serves and the horticultural challenges and achievements that the Island has faced in its transformation into the destination garden it has become.


If you would like to learn more about “ISA” and “GIS”, please join us for what will be a most enjoyable presentation.                              

Refreshments for this meeting H-S

It would be greatly appreciated if members with last names beginning with the above letters provide the refreshments for this meeting.

President’s Message

These past few months have been a challenge to me.  I want to think “Fall” so I can efficiently prepare my plants for winter, but the weather keeps insisting it’s “Summer”.  It seems each year provides us with different challenges for us to work around.  Hurricanes, too much rain, too little rain, an early snowfall or a late one reminds us that we must learn to adapt.  Ahhhhh, Mother Nature!

Foliage Show

Only one person brought in foliage at the October meeting.  With the increase in crisp temperatures it will be an even better time to bring in something interesting for all of us to view at the upcoming meeting.

Winter Holiday Social

Sunday, December 3rd, 2PM, Main Greenhouse Classroom

Please bring an entree, side dish or dessert.   Beverages will be provided.  Ruth Gehnrich wants people to know that it will be set-up and run just like the Summer Social except it will be indoors. 


So, you can plan your calendars around our meetings, I’ve listed the upcoming meetings and their speakers:


Nov.19, Sunday, 2 PM, Speaker: Kevin Wiecks

Dec. 3, Sunday, 2PM, Winter Holiday Social

Jan. 7, Sunday, 2PM, Speaker: Jim Fry, “Things I love to hate about gardening”

Feb. 11, Sunday, 2PM, Speaker: Dick Murcott






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