About the New York Chapter

The American Rhododendron Society is a vital, active, non-profit organization which welcomes new members. The New York Chapter, centered on Long Island, NY, is one of many chapters throughout the United States, Canada, and the World that encourage interest in and disseminate knowledge about rhododendrons and azaleas. We provide a medium through which all persons interested in rhododendrons and azaleas may communicate and cooperate with others through education, meetings, publications, scientific studies, research and other similar activities. Our Chapter is an enthusiastic group of people who volunteer their time and energy towards the success of the organization.

Meetings: All are welcome to attend our meetings free of charge. Meetings are held once per month in Sept., October, November, January, February, March, April, and May.

At present, all our meetings are usually scheduled for Sunday afternoons at 2 PM . All meetings, unless noted otherwise, are held at Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay, NY.

In addition to regular meetings, our chapter has April and May Flower Shows where the beauty and broad spectrum of our favorite plant can be appreciated. We also have an unusual Fall foliage show to display the varieties of leaf shapes and colors.

Propagation Workshops and other events for the beginner are held during the summer months at Planting Fields.

Yearly schedules do vary so please consult the Newsletter.

Officers And Board Members Of The NY Chapter

(please note: elections for the following nominees will take place at the Summer Social)


Jim Fry, 631-495-6531  JimsCreatures@verizon.net

First Vice President

Bruce Feller 631-689-9498 thefellers@verizon.net

Second Vice President

Marvin Fisher

Marianne Feller 631-689-9498 thefellers@verizon.net

Dennis Stallone dstallon@yahoo.com

Newsletter Editor
Jim Fry, 631-495-6531  JimsCreatures@verizon.net

Board Members

Tom Appell   tamappell@peoplepc.com

Hanna Kennedy

Rosemary Mauro  RaMauro@yahoo.com

Mike Esemplare  esemplare@yahoo.com

Rosemarie Esemplare

Jim Schmale

Linda Fisher

Past Presidents

Cathy Bird, 631-957-5877  cathybird@cathybird.com

Marvin Fisher, 631-838-1477  marlin77@optonline.net

Jim Fry, 631-495-6531  JimsCreatures@verizon.net

Bruce Feller 631-689-9498 thefellers@verizon.net